The theme for the 2019 Conference is: “Connecting Coast, Catchment and Community”

The NSW Coastal Conference Committee invites you to participate in our 28th Annual NSW Coastal Conference, hosted this year by Central Coast Council. The theme for the 2019 Conference is: “Connecting Coast, Catchment and Community“.

This year’s theme of “Connecting Coast, Catchment and Community” consciously takes a step back from the edge and asks us to focus on the links between our coastal and estuarine environments, their catchments, and the values we as a community place on those resources.

For coastal managers, exploring and better understanding these connections has a direct influence on the quality and health of the coastal environments that are important to our communities. We ask you to help us explore the theory that better connectivity means better coasts.

This year we’re seeking papers and presentations that span the disciplines. We want lessons from projects where collaboration was successful, but also from failures and how they were overcome.

Like other years, we encourage submissions from planners and policy-makers, engineers, scientists, communicators and facilitators, educators, researchers, the private sector, decision-makers and community members.

Full Papers

A full paper is encouraged from all those who are accepted to give oral presentations at the conference This will greatly enhance the information sharing benefits of participation at this conference. Full papers will be published electronically on the conference website following the conclusion of the conference, and the conference proceedings will be archived in the National Library. Guidelines on full paper submission will be distributed if your abstract is accepted. However, Full Papers are Optional. The deadline for the full paper submission is Friday 18th October 2019.

Critical Dates

The deadline for abstract submissions is Friday 14th June 2019
Authors will be notified of abstract status by Friday 2nd August 2019
The deadline for presenters to register is Friday 13th September 2019
The deadline for optional full paper submission is Friday 18th October 2019

Abstract Submission

Please note that abstract submission is only available online.

General Policies and Requirements for Submission of Abstracts

  • All abstracts must be received by the Conference Managers no later than 5pm Friday 14th June 2019.
  • All submitting authors will be notified of the results of the review of abstracts by Friday 2nd August 2019.
  • It is a condition of acceptance that all presenters (including co-presenters) must be registered delegates and have paid the conference registration fee.
  • Abstracts should be a maximum of 300 words.
  • If your abstract is accepted, you must register for the conference before Friday 13th September 2019.  Papers, including posters, will not be scheduled for presentation until registration has been received.
  • Your abstract, if accepted, will appear in its full form in the Program Book, which will be distributed at the conference in the delegate satchels. Once it has been submitted, you may make minor changes to your abstract (such as presenter details) before Friday 4th October 2019.  Changes to your abstract will not be accepted after this date (including changes in presenter names).
  • All abstracts must contain original work and should include a detailed overview of the proposed presentation.
  • All abstracts must be prepared according to the ‘Author Guidelines’ provided. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will be returned to the author and must be resubmitted immediately in the correct format to be considered for inclusion in the program.
  • It is the responsibility of the presenting author to ensure that the abstract is submitted correctly and received by the Conference Managers. The Conference Managers will not be held responsible for abstract submissions not received.
  • Abstracts should also include a one sentence summary or highlight of the presentation that may be used by the Organising Committee prior to or during the conference to advertise or promote individual presentations, including via social media.

If you are interested in submitting an abstract for consideration, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download and read the Author Instructions. Please print these instructions and have them nearby when you are ready to submit your abstract.
  2. Save the Abstract Template to your computer and use this to prepare your abstract.
  3. Write your abstract using the Microsoft Word template, adhering to the formatting guidelines outlined in the Author Instructions. Save your abstract on your computer, in an easy to find location. Please note that abstract titles should be a maximum of 20 words, and abstract text should be a maximum of 300 words
  4. Ensure you have a short biography (max 50 words) for yourself, and every co-author listed on the abstract.
  5. Click on the “Submit Abstract” button below, and follow the steps outlined in the Author Instructions.

If you experience any difficulties with the abstract submission process, or have any questions, please contact Amy McIntosh at East Coast Conferences by emailing or by calling 02 6650 9800 or 0408 220 188.

Please note that abstracts need to be submitted by the main presenting author of the paper.

Abstract Submission

Click on the "Submit Abstract" button below, and follow the steps outlined in the Author Instructions.
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