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The NSW Coastal Conference Committee invites you to participate in our 29th NSW Coastal Conference, co-hosted this year by Byron Shire Council & Tweed Shire Council.

This year’s theme of “Living with Uncertainty” captures the current status of living in an world with an uncertain future ahead. Not only are we presently feeling the effects of climate change and trying to plan and make decisions for an uncertain future on the coast, we are being influenced by a pandemic that is re-shaping how we work and communicate with each other. The coastal environment is not static nor are the people and ecosystems that occupy them. We want to discuss how we can evolve and adapt to move forward in this ever-changing world, using innovative and opportunistic ways. We have been talking about this uncertainty for a long time and it appears that there is even more of a sense of urgency to manage the coast and prepare for the future. Have we made enough progress in coastal planning to date to manage our uncertain future or has the time come for us to make bold ‘no-regrets’ decisions rather than remain on the perpetual planning wheel?

This year we’re seeking papers and presentations that span many disciplines. We encourage submissions from planners and policy-makers, engineers, scientists, communicators and facilitators, educators, researchers, the private sector, decision-makers and community members.

This year we turn the spotlight onto the following conference topics:

  • Policy, Decision Making and Funding: policy, strategic framework, government work, priorities, and funding
  • Risky Business: litigation, insurance, risk, investment, business
  • Knowledge, Science & Uncertainty: new research, innovations, climate variability and uncertainty, and knowledge gaps
  • Empowering People: cultural connections, partnerships, citizen science and collaboration. Coastal crusaders and ambassadors, community engagement and participation, understanding and sharing responsibility
  • Lessons from the field: project implementation, on ground case studies both successes and failures. Reflections and changing the course into a new era of uncertainty and adaptive management
  • Holistic Coastal Management: integrated management, linkages and connections of catchments, estuaries, coasts, and oceans. CMP’s and the MEMS projects

Join colleagues and share your experiences and ideas!

Presentation Types

  1. 20 Minute Oral Presentation: Presentation for a concurrent session, including question time
  2. 10 Minute Oral Presentation: Presentation for a concurrent session, no question time
  3. Poster Presentation: Will be displayed during the conference and electronic posters will also be available. Prizes will be awarded to the most outstanding poster presentation, and people’s choice.

Full Papers

A full paper is encouraged from all those who are accepted to give oral presentations at the conference. This will greatly enhance the information sharing benefits of participation at this conference. Guidelines on full paper submission will be provided if your abstract is accepted. However, FULL PAPERS ARE OPTIONAL. The deadline for both the full paper submission and the two page extended abstract is Friday 29th April 2022.

Critical Dates

Presenter & Early Registration: Friday 1st April 2022
Full Paper Submission: Friday 29th April 2022

Abstract Submission

Abstract submissions have now closed. Late submissions can be emailed to